The remortgage process is a great way to save money on your mortgage-payments, borrow more money or even clear some debt. The process can take from a few weeks to a few months to complete, for this reason its best to start the process three months before your mortgage deal ends.

Now of course your current lender would love to keep you, but in most instances their offer isn’t always the best one. By speaking to a remortgage specialist at Willow Brook we can search the whole market while comparing with what your bank can offer. Once we know whats best we can do the rest.

A few things to think about about when your remortgage –

 When does my deal end? 

Because the remortgage process can take a few months to complete, looking at the market 3 months before allows you to see what your existing lender can offer and compare to the rest of the market.

You don’t want to switch early and incur a charge.

Most mortgage products have end dates, this will usually be on your mortgage offer you received or can be found by contacting your existing lender.

See below our table of the best remortgage rates on the market.