Here at Willow Brook mortgages, we are experts in high value mortgages.

With the rising property prices across the UK there is more of a demand for high value mortgages.

Whether you are looking to secure a mortgage for a residential property, a buy to let or holiday let property our experts can help you to find the best high value mortgage.

Some high street lenders offer high value mortgages but there are also smaller banks and building societies to consider to ensure you get the best mortgage deal.

When you are looking at borrowing high levels of money there are often more hoops to jump through and complex lending criteria. Our specialist mortgage advisors can do all of the work for you so that you can secure the mortgage.

Here at Willow Brook Mortgages our fee free mortgage advice can get you the best mortgage deal.

Mortgage rates

The mortgage rates will vary from lender to lender as well as taking in to account the arrangement fees and valuation fees. We will look at the best overall deal for you taking into account these factors.

Interest only mortgages

People often want to explore interest only mortgages or putting part of the mortgage on interest only when they are taking a high value mortgage. There are possibilities for interest only mortgages up to 85% loan to value but this is also subject to meeting the lenders criteria as they will usually require large incomes and equity to accomodate this.

High value buy to let mortgages

While the rental income still plays a large part in secure a mortgage for this market, they will also take into account the overall picture. The yield on high value rental properties can be high but financing them can be more complex. Our specialist advisors will be able to research the best mortgage deal for you.

Premium properties

Properties with a high price tag sometimes carry additional benefits such as land, a annexe or a home office unit. These factors also impact what lenders will be able to offer you a mortgage on a property. We will ensure that the full information is discussed with lenders when finding you the best mortgage deal. Our experienced advisors have a wealth of knowledge on these properties.

high value mortgages