We have put together some free mortgage advice guides for you to download. You can download the guides and read them in your own time to gain a better understanding of the process in getting the best mortgage deal.

We offer Award winning mortgage advice in Bath and across the whole of the UK. We’re whole of market with access to over 100 lenders, to find the best mortgage deal for your requirements. Our advisors will walk you through the process from first looking at buying a property to getting the keys. We will then assist you through the life of your mortgage to find the best remortgage deal each time your mortgage product comes to an end.

If you have any questions while reading our free mortgage advice guides feel free to give us a call on 0330 555 9414 or email info@willowbrookmortgages.co.uk

The free mortgage advice guides will help you understand the mortgage process at different stages and give you some frequently asked mortgage questions in the different areas as well.

The first time buyer guide goes through different types of mortgage, deposit options for first time buyer mortgages, costs involved with buying and owning a property, frequently asked questions and the process of buying a house.

The remortgage guide explains the process of remortgaging, how to get the best remortgage deal, the benefits of using a mortgage mortgage broker and remortgage FAQs.

The mortgage Jargon buster goes through commonly used terms in mortgages, explains the mortgage terminology and gives you an insight into the mortgage world.

Our free mortgage advice guides will give you an overview of the different areas but our mortgage advisors can answer any other questions you might have and find you the best mortgage deal for your remortgage or house purchase

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First Time Buyer guide
Jargon Buster