Fee free mortgage broker

Why chose a fee free mortgage broker?  

Using a mortgage broker like us here at Willow Brook Mortgages gives you access to over 100 lenders. We can look across thousands of mortgage products to find you the best deal and save you money on your mortgage. If you go directly to a bank you will only benefit from the product they have on offer. Our process is streamlined to make it simple, quick and personalised. Being a fee free mortgage broker, you will benefit from all of the services offered by a mortgage broker while not paying a penny.  

We know what lenders are looking for so we can place you with the correct lender for your circumstances as well as supplying them with the information from the start to allow the lender to make a quick decision as well.  


How does a fee free mortgage broker get paid? 

Here at Willow Brook Mortgages, we are a fee free mortgage broker. So we do not charge you a fee at any point during the process. All mortgage brokers are paid directly by the lender for the service. Some mortgage brokers will then charge you a fee on top of this. We chose to be a fee free mortgage broker so that we could keep the money in your pocket. It is common for mortgage brokers to charge £500 for their services, so being a fee free mortgage broker opens up our services to everyone! 


Do you charge a fee for any of your services? 

We are a fee free mortgage broker from start to finish. You will not be charged for any of the services we offer along the way. You will be assigned an advisor who will find you the best mortgage deal, apply for the mortgage and support this through to the mortgage offer being issued. We can also help you with your life insurance, illness cover and protecting your family. Additional services such as protecting your property and family are also fee free. 


Does being a fee free mortgage broker affect the service I will receive? 

We offer a personalised, friendly and professional service which is backed up by our google reviews that give you clients first hand views on our service. We pride ourselves on the high quality service you will receive.  

Being a fee free mortgage broker if anything improves the service which you will receive. We are paid by the lender when your mortgage completes, If we do this quickly and efficiently for you it means we are paid sooner 


Are you a fee free online mortgage broker? 

Yes we believe that the clients way of working should be at the forefront of how we work so we offer flexible options so suit your requirements. We have an online questionnaire that you can complete by clicking here. This takes most of the information required for your adviser to start looking at options for your mortgage. We also have a secure online document upload system so you do not have to send your documents via email. Your mortgage documents will then be placed on the online mortgage portal as well so that you can access them at any time in the future.  


Fee free mortgage broker in Bath – can you asssist with any mortgage? 

We are based on the outskirts of Bath, however we offer advice over the phone and online. Most documents can be uploaded electronically which means we can assist you with a mortgage anywhere in the UK. This means not only are we a fee free mortgage broker in Bath but we can offer fee free mortgage advice across the whole of the UK.